Kliit for Health Plans

A virtual care solution for your members

Getting the best care does not have to mean traveling long distances to do so.


Give your members the ease of access to information whenever and wherever they want it with virtual solutions from the  Kliit health expert team. 

Achieve better health outcomes for members

By receiving access to the right information and care, your members make better decisions about their health, in turn, improving their health outcomes.


Members are able to discuss a variety of sexual and reproductive health issues with our team of experts in a fast, convenient and private way. We establish trust, relieve anxieties, and aid in healthy decision making.

Retain members and save costs

Insurance customers around the world value quality and ease of use, according to Bain’s survey of more than 174,000 retail insurance consumers in 18 countries. The few insurers that do these things well earn the loyalty of their customers, but most companies don’t consistently deliver the value that customers, especially millennials, are seeking. By offering the Kliit on-demand service, members now have accurate information on their smartphones — keeping them away from Dr. Google, saving money on self-medication, avoiding unnecessary doctor visits and mitigating serious issues on time, avoiding costly and dangerous adverse health events.  

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