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Off to college. What's next?

Going off to college can be challenging for young people and even harder without the right sexual and reproductive health information. College can be a different, confusing and difficult time. In this time of transition, young people often have questions regarding birth control, safe sex, STIs and more

On-demand trusted health information for healthy students

Kliit provides live, text-based expert information through a secure live chat, your students can now receive-demand expert information from trusted health professionals including OBGYN’s, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, and Sex therapists so they can understand their health better and ultimately make better decisions.

Virtual Women’s Clinic For your College or University 

Whether or not you have an on-campus women’s clinic or center, we are here to provide your students with access to our care team for quick answers.


Learn about how you can make Kliit available on your campus. 

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