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For $150 a year, you can become a Kiira member today and gain access to your favorite medical providers from anywhere. That's quality healthcare for less than your favorite streaming service! Start now and get a FREE general health assessment.

Kiira was created by Crystal Adesanya after a personal health emergency while in college that was caused by lack of information and trying to self-diagnose with the internet. Crystal teamed up with Candice Fraser MD, FACOG to increase access to health resources for college students and create a safe space for them to receive professional medical advice.

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24/7 Care

Talking to a doctor or therapist is not easier than ever from literally anywhere though our nationwide multicultural provider network. With Kiira you can start talking to providers available 24.7 via phone video or chat.

Clinic Visits

A premium facility offering gynecology, primary care, IV drips, mental health, and other services. Currently open in LA and coming soon to a city near you.
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Whole Person Care

At Kiira, we treat the whole "you". Beyond our medical services, we offer wellness treatments and events regularly.
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Join Kiira for $150 a year

Enjoy member-only discounts for all your needs including general health assessments, gynecology, primary care, mental health, and more.

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