Our story is personal.
So is our care.

Kiira was founded by Crystal Adesanya after a personal health emergency in college, with the mission to transform how students and individuals receive, seek, and experience healthcare. Our connected care model ensures compassionate, culturally sensitive, and accurate care whenever and wherever needed. We offer comprehensive health literacy and education programs, engaging workshops, informative wellness videos, and 24/7 telemedicine services. These resources empower students to take control of their health, making informed decisions and accessing professional care conveniently and promptly.

Kiira was created by Crystal Adesanya after a personal health emergency while in college that was caused by lack of information and trying to self-diagnose with the internet. Crystal teamed up with Candice Fraser MD, FACOG to increase access to health resources for college students and create a safe space for them to receive professional medical advice.

Our mission

To empower young people and students to become proactive with their health by providing relevant resources and 24/7 access to professional care where and when they need it most.

Our vision

We believe healthcare access should be affordable, convenient, and culturally relevant. We want our users to feel safe, comfortable, and understood when talking to our providers.

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The amazing team

behind Kiira

Crystal Adesanya

Founder and CEO

Candice Fraser, MD, FACOG

Head of Medical Affairs

Sarah Townsend

Community and Membership Manager

Lorraine Beraho, MD, MPH

Medical Director, Kiira Student Health
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